Some of the main steps we have taken to reduce our impact are:

  1. Composting garden waste.
  2. Recycling glass, plastic, cans and paper.
  3. Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  4. Use of recycled paper products.
  5. Use of energy saving light bulbs and water saving products.
  6. No smoking policy in Pasture Gate Cottage.
  7. Good quality tap water to drink
  8. For guests staying more than one week, linen and towels will be changed after seven days. Please leave towels in bath if clean towels are required earlier.
  9. Walkers welcome - information on local walks, nature reserves and ‘flora & fauna’ provided.
  10. Cyclists welcome – information on cycle hire and cycle routes provided.
  11. Care of local wildlife; promote litter free environment.
  12. At Pasture Gate Cottage we encourage guests to SWOON – “switch off one (light) now” and also to turn off the television itself, please.
  13. Supporting local farmers and retailers.
  14. Electric car charging point on site.


We encourage guests to support us in our commitment. We hope everyone enjoys a wonderful holiday in the comfort of Pasture Gate Cottage surrounded by beautiful countryside.

River walk near Pasture Gate Cottage   Explore the local estate   Explore the local estate